Hello & WELCOME to TiaKirby.com!

I’m so excited that you are here; so, let me start by saying THANK YOU for stopping by, subscribing and joining the conversation!

Before we go any further, let introduce myself and tell you a little about me…

I’m Tia, a Dallas based, on camera host, speaker, life coach, podcaster & digital creative with huge dreams.  I turned a small chat room experience, sharing about my natural hair journey into a lucrative, digital content creation & hosting career.  It all started with a simple yet, poignant prayer which took me on a journey of discovering, learning and loving me.  My prayer was… “Lord, I want to be the original design of who you created me to be.”  My willingness to go on this journey of discovering God’s original design of me, ended up totally transforming my life, my perspective, my habits and eventually, turned an everyday task that I was sharing as a stress reliever, into an enjoyable path to purpose.

My mission is simple, yet powerful and freeing!

It is, “to inspire others to learn and to love themselves while discovering & enhancing their own individual style and beauty.”

I’ve used my platform to showcase my love of all things beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, empowerment and cultivating community - partnering with brands such as JC Penney, Crème of Nature, Revlon, Reebok The Mane Choice, Mielle Organics, The Accessory Junkie, Rock & Republic, Haus of Swag, Sally Beauty, DevaCurl, Urban Decay Cosmetics, and many more.  I absolutely love traveling the world, partnering with brands at trade shows, emceeing events, moderating panel discussions & meeting people all across the country.  I’ve emceed and hosted world renowned conferences & events such as The BAW$E Conference, Fearless Conference, & Epic Fab Girl just to name a few.

Through my own life experiences and desire to encourage + educate others, I created the groundbreaking talk show entitled, “Heart of the Matter” which airs on my YouTube channel.  "Heart of the Matter" showcases the stories of triumphant individuals who have overcome obstacles that could have otherwise stopped or defeated them. It also boldly addresses taboo topics from a ‘let’s keep it real’ standpoint. “Heart of the Matter” is the platform that goes beyond the facade of social media to share the parts of people’s journey that are not so social media friendly. This platform was created to encourage and uplift others who may be going through or may have gone through something similar in their own lives. “Heart of the Matter” harbors connection, & community letting viewers know that they are not alone.

So, that’s the business side of me; let me tell you more about the everyday, behind the scenes me…  I’m a self-aware, dog loving, goofball from the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area of Texas.  Married for a little over 20 years which, I strongly consider to be one of my greatest blessings & accomplishments in life; along with the amazing opportunity of being the mother of our three beautifully, phenomenal, grown, & nearly grown humans… Victoria, Maddison & Aaron.
I’m a mixture of an extrovert and introvert who loves nothing more than to hang with my family or have a girl’s night in with a glass of wine, lots of laughs and great conversations.  My extrovert-ness loves adventure, loves to dance, loves traveling, isn’t camera shy (at all), doesn’t mind being in front of crowds, somehow randomly sparks conversations with perfect strangers and loves making meaningful connections.  Whereas, my introvert-ness doesn’t enjoy being in the midst huge crowds, champions having “just me” time, enjoys traveling solo, and loves a rainy, veg-out on the couch with my chihuahua, Gia for a quiet Netflix & Chill kind of vibe.
On an average day, you can find me in yoga pants and a t-shirt with sneakers or flip flops, & no makeup.  But if I’m working from home or chilling… you better believe that I’ll be in my all-time favorite garb which are fuzzy socks and a cute pajama set looking all kinds of comfy & happy.  I love great food that’s healthy but I often call myself more of a “mood-a-tarian”.   That simply means… I eat what I’m in the mood for.  But seriously, I would really characterize myself to be something closer to a “plant based pescatarian with a sweet tooth for cake & cookies.”
I’m probably drinking a bottled water or a glass of wine thinking of ways to be more impactful in my efforts to inspire others to grow personally, to understand their value, to live authentically, to not lose their identity, and to encourage living life outside of the box.   Envisioning creative ways to implement helpful tools and strategies to share with people so they can strengthen their brand, stand out, simplify work, and actually enjoy their successes and accomplishments.
Wanna know what really excites me?   Allowing God to use me in helping others to have that “lightbulb moment” of self-awareness, self-love, taking back their power & the endurance to do the work to evolve.  Helping others to see that they are not alone and nothing that they’ve been through, disqualifies them from being their greatest self; the version of self that deep down inside you always dreamed about or knew was always there.  I’m not a motivational speaker, (I often times shy away from most ‘motivational speakers’) I’m just a girl with a heart to see change and evolution waiting to happen.