Gratefulness While Getting Through COVID19

I woke up smiling on purpose. Focusing on all that I have to be grateful for today. In these times I’m learning to be grateful for the little things that I take for granted on a daily basis like toilet paper & water.

This is your reminder to smile, to think of the little blessings in your life, and be grateful.  Yes, we’re cooped up but if you’re cooped up and your electricity is on & you can feed your family, SMILE!  Life can be stressful especially when you have kids and bills mounting, trust me, I know how that feels.  But there is NO amount of money that you can make that would be more than your healthy life at home.

I know it’s not always so simple, but trust and believe, someone wishes they had whatever your problem is because they have it much worse.  I’m sure those infected with COVID 19 virus wishes they would have done whatever they possibly could have to not experience the virus.   This is a reminder to focus on the good in your life & be grateful for those things.

Remember to take the focus off of self & pray for those that are going through tougher situations. Be intentional about being grateful for the little things that you’d normally take for granted.

In the pursuit of gratefulness… Name one little thing you’d normally take for granted that you’re grateful for in the comments section below. ⬇️

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