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Start Where You Are with What You Have

This is my favorite advice that I give when people are asking me advice on being an influencer, blogger or YouTuber.  I give this advice because it is a misconception to go into this area blindly.  There’s a lot of work, time, research, creativity and need for consistency when that doesn’t often pay in the beginning.  Hence, the reason for my advice… “Start where you are with what you have”.

When you’re first getting started, don’t go out and purchase a bunch of lighting equipment, cameras, software, etc…  My suggestion is to get started using your smart phone and utilize free apps to film video, capture photos, and edit.   Use sites that offer free platforms/blog sites and begin there… this is a great way to test yourself out and see if this influencing, blogging, or content creating on a consistent basis, is truly going to be your thing.

I often share how I got started and the platforms, tools and apps that I used to get things started.  When I first began my initial blog which was “Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls”, I used the website to get started.  I started with their free plan because I wanted to test things out and make sure that it was something that I really wanted to do.

When it came to making videos for YouTube, I originally began filming using my MacBook Pro laptop and trying to edit in QuickTime but I had NO CLUE what to do or how to edit at all.  A lot of my videos ended up ending abruptly because I didn’t know how to edit.  But guess what?  Those are some of my most watched videos till this day because while the video, lighting, and editing weren’t good the quality of the content that I offered was.  People related to and wanted to learn about what I was sharing.  Lesson in this… Think about your niche and what you are sharing, will people want to know or learn about what you are offering?

When I finally “upgraded” my videos… my upgrade was my iphone 4 at the time.  To edit, I taught myself how to edit using my iMovie app.  I still had no camera, no lighting, no real software and I even created my YouTube video thumbnails using editing apps.  To give my videos an updated look and feel, I literally taped a white poster onto the wall in my bathroom, got my daughter’s 5 arm halogen lamp and shined all of the lights into my face.  I didn’t have a tripod so I grabbed a barstool, stacked up shoe boxes and makeup pallets and propped my phone in landscape mode against a Vaseline jar.  The craziest part is I received so may compliments and great feedback on my video quality and edits.  No one had any idea that I was using my iphone to do all of this.

It was at least 2 years before I purchased a camera or any lighting equipment.  Of course, there are tons of videos on YouTube to help you with the most updated tips, apps, cameras, and editing software suggestions to fit exactly what you need.

So you see?  You can utilize what you have, remove all excuses & just get started!

Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more best practices, tips, and suggest including what I personally use in a broken down/specific format to help you be & do your best!

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