Valentine’s Day… A Day of Self-Love

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew it. ~William Shakespeare

True story… Less than 8 years ago I was challenged to do an exercise where I had to look into my own eyes in the mirror for 3 minutes straight everyday & say the words, “I love you” over & over.
While it seemed like a simple task it was extremely hard for me at the time. I never realized how I truly saw myself, how I didn’t see myself as pretty, intelligent, powerful or worthy. I never realized how often I never really looked in the mirror outside of making sure that my hair or makeup was okay. How I would cringe when I passed by the mirror & saw myself. I was my worst critic not only in physical appearance but in every area of my life. I believed so many lies & untruths that were spoken to or about me leaving me never feeling good enough.

I did this exercise over 2-3 months before it actually permeated. Some days I cried because this was so hard to complete the full time frame. I thought my image was ugly… I was convicted because I realized that I was calling God ugly. If I truly believe that I’m made in His image & likeness, then I was calling God ugly. .
It took a while but one day, staring into my own eyes, saying the words “I love you”, I finally believed the words that I was speaking out loud to myself. I finally accepted the person staring back at me. Tears immediately began streaming down my face & I couldn’t stop smiling. Literally, smiling from ear to ear & from within because I finally saw ME. I fell in love with my imperfect self because Christ lives in me.

I hope that you know how beautiful, intelligent, powerful, strong, & worthy you are. Love doesn’t come in a box & it isn’t from simple words… love is an action word. Love goes beyond & evolves as you evolve. Wishing you a self-love filled Valentines Day!

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