My Current Fave Affordable Bold Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Today I’m sharing with you some of My Current Favorite Affordable, Drugstore Bold Liquid Matte Lipsticks!  While I enjoy a good gloss and often a great nude lip, I have to say that I prefer a great, bold liquid matte lipstick.  So, let me tell you the characteristics that I personally look for in a liquid matte lipstick to consider it a great one…

  • Highly pigmented – Opaque, rich color that doesn’t have to be layered to achieve full color payoff. Doesn’t apply streaky when smoothing it onto the lips.
  • Non drying – (I probably should’ve put this one first…) Doesn’t suck the life out of my lips and make them feel like Sponge Bob without water.
  • Long Lasting – Looks fresh without fading up to 6 hours minimum before I need to refresh.
  • Not Easily Transferrable – Doesn’t transfer onto my straw, glass or eating utensil when I drink or eat.
  • Comfortable – Formula isn’t thick to the point that I feel as though I’m wearing it. I prefer to forget that I even have on lipstick… I want it to feel natural.

Now that you know what I look for in a liquid matte lipstick, allow me to share with you some of my all-time favorite shades & affordable brands that you can find at drugstore prices!  Oh and don’t worry… I’ve provided direct links & photos so you can see & shop them for yourself.

Comment below and tell me… Which are your favorite shades?  Have tried any of these? What do you look for in a liquid matte lipstick?  What is your favorite liquid matte lipstick brand and shade?


The Lip Bar is a black owned company that has some of my go to favorite, affordable, liquid matte lip colors.  A majority of their liquid mattes are beautifully opaque, catered towards all skin tones, doesn’t suck the life out of your lips, it’s long lasting, and their packaging is gorge.  The best part is, they’re sold in Target and online.  Now that you have a little knowledge about this brand… let’s hop right in!


Drama Queen  – A very deep purple with undertones that remind me of brown and burgundy.  This is a Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick which I picked up from Target.  I absolutely love this color for Fall & winter seasons but honestly… I’d wear it all year around depending on the look, vibe, or mood that I’m portraying.


Boy Trouble – Another Lip Bar fave of mine… it’s actually one of my top 3 favorite reds!  It’s a beautiful, bold in your face bright red with orange undertones.  You can also find this one at Target or online by clicking the lipstick name linked above.

NYX Liquid Suede is one of my all-time favorite liquid matte lipstick formulas (drugstore or high end) because it is soooo very comfortable, maintains a slight dull shine and it lasts all day.  This formula I’d consider to be more of a comfort matte.  It does have a bit of a tacky feel when you press your lips together but not annoying at all.   You can find this line at Ulta and Target as well as a lot of other drugstores who carry this brand.   Click Here to see examples of about 11 different shades that I personally own from this NYX Liquid Suede Collection.


Kitten Heels – is another gorgeous bold red that I absolutely am obsessed with.  I consider it to be a true candy apple red.  This lip color is opaque, gorgeous and definitely a show stopper.  It’s one of my all time favorites which you will catch me wearing often and see my use in many YouTube tutorials such as these… Pop Art Comic Book Makeup & Hair Tutorial | Wonder Woman    **Apparently, this lippie is not only my favorite… it’s my daughter’s also.  She took it to college so I have share an old photo wearing this gorgeous shade.

Pink Lust – Whenever I wear this bold hot pink lippie, I’m guaranteed to get compliments and the question, “what lip is are you wearing?”.  Are you seeing a trend here?  Yep, I am a sucker for bold lip colors.  This pink is a beautiful blue under-toned hot pink that is in your face and will compliment every skin tone!

Jet Set – This is one of my favorite unorthodox bold colors to wear.  This bold blue lip color photographs well, is always an attention + compliment attractor.  I have a lot of people who say they would love to wear a color like this but aren’t sure what makeup to wear or what’s the appropriate occasion.  I always respond… “There’s no specific occasion necessary just where it.  For makeup, I’d say neutral makeup with a winged liner is the perfect way to kill it with a bold lip.  Let this lip do all the talking!”

Well, these are just a few of my faves… of course, I have more but I didn’t want to overwhelm you.  And for all of my neutral lip color lovers, stay tuned because I’ll be sharing some of my favorite affordable nude lippies soon!

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