Tia Kirby is a Dallas based, Host, Speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Beauty & Lifestyle Digital Content Creator.  She’s a self-proclaimed, fun-loving, goofball who loves all things beauty, fashion, travel & inspiration.  Tia’s mission is “to inspire others to learn and to love themselves while discovering & enhancing their own individual style and beauty.”

She’s obsessed with makeup, skincare, fashion, puppies, cake & fuzzy socks with cute pajamas.  Tia is the girl that keeps it all the way ?!   Not accepting whatever the world throws at her, she’s willing to talk about those taboo subjects that aren’t “social media friendly” all in pursuit of getting too, “The Heart of The Matter!


  • I was born EXTRA(ordinary). If you can’t handle my extra then you should probably get out of my kitchen because
  • If “Chile please” was a person. ⠀ Busy loving me kind of vibes. I mean it is my birthday month.
  • Ode to National Watermelon Day!!! ⠀ If you know me then you know my absolute favorite summer fruit (that I
  • Happy Saturday & August 1st!!! ⠀ It’s officially my birth month & I’m on the countdown! 8/16 ⠀ My 1st
  • Happy Thursday Fam! ⠀ Do any of you wear or have you thought about wearing reading glasses? For the longest
  •  #ChallengeAccepted  ⠀ Thanks to these beauties for showing love  @crystal .e.smith  @boissiere6   @princesscut318   @vaughntwins   @fashncurious  ⠀ ⠀  #TiaKirby   #BlackandWhite   #BlackandWhitePhoto   #BeautyShot 
  • Happy Monday! ⠀ Feeling real chill in my ‘For the Love of 3 Stacks’ Slouch T-shirt Dress! ⠀ “She’s an
  • Wishing my Sis, one if the dopest people that God has placed in my life a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
  • Frizzy fro  #selfie ! I’ve been getting back to my old school routine for taking care of my hair. ⠀ I’ve
  • Choosing song selections before I pull off... ⠀ It’s so hot now that you practically need to sit in the