Tia Kirby is a Dallas based, Host, Speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Beauty & Lifestyle Digital Content Creator.  She’s a self-proclaimed, fun-loving, goofball who loves all things beauty, fashion, travel & inspiration.  Tia’s mission is “to inspire others to learn and to love themselves while discovering & enhancing their own individual style and beauty.”

She’s obsessed with makeup, skincare, fashion, puppies, cake & fuzzy socks with cute pajamas.  Tia is the girl that keeps it all the way ?!   Not accepting whatever the world throws at her, she’s willing to talk about those taboo subjects that aren’t “social media friendly” all in pursuit of getting too, “The Heart of The Matter!


  • Today is the day of getting back to you and getting your joy back. No greatness can come from staying
  • Yesterday, I was had a few moments feeling bummed out about seeing a lack of progress. But I had to
  • I wish I could genuinely say Happy Thursday. In all transparency, I’ve spent today crying off and on out of
  • Tis the season for Bantu Knots, Hoodies, & Hoops. ⠀ It’s been a minute since I’ve rocked Bantu Knots. It’s
  • Happy First Day of Fall! ⠀ Perspective & Peace are everything ⠀ For perspective... I’ve chosen to look on the
  • When you receive that refreshing wind ... ⠀ Happy Sunday! Did any of you get an on time word from
  •  #FlashbackFriday  I love this pic of me & my beautiful daughter  @maddi .kirby giving all right Fall vibes with these lippies!
  • Oh nothing... I’m just smiling because the weekend is almost here! ⠀ Can you believe it’s almost October?! Is it
  • Fall hair & makeup vibes... ⠀ I am a true to heart  #smilebrilliant  washngo girl all year round as my
  • Sometimes I have remind myself to be in the moment. I can be an over-thinker at times. So much so