Tia Kirby is a Dallas based, Host, Speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Beauty & Lifestyle Digital Content Creator.  She’s a self-proclaimed, fun-loving, goofball who loves all things beauty, fashion, travel & inspiration.  Tia’s mission is “to inspire others to learn and to love themselves while discovering & enhancing their own individual style and beauty.”

She’s obsessed with makeup, skincare, fashion, puppies, cake & fuzzy socks with cute pajamas.  Tia is the girl that keeps it all the way ?!   Not accepting whatever the world throws at her, she’s willing to talk about those taboo subjects that aren’t “social media friendly” all in pursuit of getting too, “The Heart of The Matter!


  • Fresh Faced kind of Friday! ⠀ I plan on Netflix and Chilling tonight. In my feelings about DMX but also
  • When God keeps blessing in spite of... ⠀ Sometimes you have to stop and take inventory to realize how God
  • Oh nothing... just smiling today. I hope you are too! Things are looking up for Gia and finally my body
  • Friday’s after work = Online shopping. Yeah, we’ll start there first and handle everything else later. ⠀ Shop this look
  • When you can look in the mirror and say... I love the woman that you are becoming, still knowing that
  • I’m baaaack plus I’m a new plant mom 4 times over & I’m so excited about it! ⠀ I’ve now
  •  #ad  Bundle and save on Airborne’s tasty Elderberry Gummies and pay only $13.58 per bottle for a 3-month supply or
  • Happy Monday or should I say Happy Hour never tasted so good!  #ad  I created the most yummy & beautiful
  • “Thanks for making me a fighter.” ⠀ Prayer warrior and faith walker on deck & locked in. ⠀ My Sunday
  • Waiting on Friday like... ⠀ This dress didn’t get a lot of show in my video yesterday (**See previous post)