Tia Kirby is a Dallas based, Host, Speaker, Life Coach, Podcaster, and Beauty & Lifestyle Digital Content Creator.  She’s a self-proclaimed, fun-loving, goofball who loves all things beauty, fashion, travel & inspiration.  Tia’s mission is “to inspire others to learn and to love themselves while discovering & enhancing their own individual style and beauty.”

She’s obsessed with makeup, skincare, fashion, puppies, cake & fuzzy socks with cute pajamas.  Tia is the girl that keeps it all the way ?!   Not accepting whatever the world throws at her, she’s willing to talk about those taboo subjects that aren’t “social media friendly” all in pursuit of getting too, “The Heart of The Matter!


  • If Friday were a mood this would be it... A sigh of relief to know that it’s officially the weekend.
  • My greatest journeys always happen when I just take a step towards doing something that I enjoy but also pushes
  • If you thought being a “Fearless Black Woman” meant the the color of my skin, the description assigned to me
  • If the weekend wore a smile this would be it. It’s been a weird week but still a good one.
  • Happy HumpDay Fam! I’ve been gone for a minute but I’m happy to be back and to share my new
  • It’s time to say farewell to my Faux Goddess Locs & saying welcome back to my curls! ⠀ I can’t
  • Soooo... I did my nails and I think this is one of my top two favorite sets that I’ve done
  • Happiest New Year everyone! ⠀ Today I intentionally dedicated the first half of my day to God & to myself.
  • 2020 gets no ‘Dear John’ letter or snazzy close out statement from me. I thought about re-capping some of my
  • Lewking ahead for better not from everything or everyone else in 2021 but better from myself. ⠀ Better at making